Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The cat wants in

Pumpkin wants my food

This morning or perhaps afternoon while eating my lunch, a burger on a bagel, I walked out onto my deck to get some air and some sunlight. After not even a bite I started hearing the trademark sound of the resident cat meowing. "I want your food." I'm amazed at the senses Pumpkin seems to have when it comes to food and me eating it.

With the move of my landlords Chris and Kyoko to the house next door the cat has been showing signs of discomfort. That or maybe he's been eating grass with some kind of pesticides. While visiting my apartment the cat started vomiting. Not hair balls but cat gak. Thankfully the cat is kind enough to up chuck in the tub where it can easily be washed away.

Someone once told me that if owners left a house, a dog would follow the owners, where as a cat would stay with the house. This seems to hold true. Mind you the cat (Pumpkin) has been fed by me, for three weeks, while the owners went to Japan. I'm thinking he equates me with tuna or some other tasty morsels of food.

Content on the porch

Never the less today the cat seemed more at ease, if you can call it that, once I opened the door and let him in onto the porch. I think the move has been a bit stressful on our furry friend.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there is always a degree of stress for a cat when a move is happening. I've heard that it can take up to two years before a cat can accept a new home. I don't know why cats are so "unmovable" but it seems that even moving furniture around the same house can cause the same effect depending on the cat. Well, at least Pumpkin is lucky enough to have the comfort of a good friend like you. BTW, ease up on the treats...a can of tuna is equal to a whole day's worth of food. He's chunky enough, don't you think?