Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hide your babies!

Carl zooms through the T&T grocery store thanks to 'uncle' Derek.

While I don't have any brothers or sisters I do have a landlord with a kid. Much like I've become the guardian and food provider for the resident cat, Pumpkin, I've been called the uncle for said kid. So unless I marry someone with siblings this is probably the closest I will get to being an uncle. I use that term pretty loosely.

As such being an honorary uncle is fun. Actually it's all the fun and without the responsibility. Think about it. You can teach the kid new words, give the kid noisy instruments and toys to play with, and you can even stay up late with the kid when the parents aren't home feeding the kid chili. Then when all is said and done you can go back home to a nice quiet apartment where you can hear the parents shriek fill the quiet neighbourhood.

I'm probably creating nightmares for Kyoko and Chris (the friends and landlords) right this second so I'll just say it could happen but I'm not that mean. Should Carl (the kid) ever breaks out saying "Klaatu barada nikto" chances are it was me. Well hey, it's better than "Hiya, babe" with the two little hands making gun like gestures.

A few months ago (August 12th to be exact) I showed my cousin's kid the "rock" hand using the thumb, index finger and the pinky. It was a thing I picked up from a guy at RollerCon on a bus. He was from Colorado. You ask "What time is it?". When no one knows you put your rock hand over where your wrist watch would be and say "It's time to ROCK!!!". My cousin Paula and I had a heck of a lot of fun brainwashing the youth.

She can't pronounce the 'R's yet.

I can just see this kid going to school with the teacher asking if anyone knows what time it is.... haa haa haa ha ha!!!! (evil laugh) On the next visit Paula and I are going to try to teach the air guitar and the phrase "I wanna ROCK!" ala Twisted Sister.

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Anonymous said...

You can teach him funny words but do NOT feed him chilli. I know where you live Uncle Derek...don't make me come after you.