Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nuit Blanche 2008

number 24 - Canadian Polish Art Initiatives

Nuit Blanche, an art event sponsored by a bank with a tag line "You're richer than you think.", while a good idea it really shows how disorganized Toronto can be with it's lack of foresight. To have washrooms available would be one of those things one would, should give consideration. Think about it, an event that starts in the evening and goes until 6-7am in the morning. Washrooms... hello??

There were some portable toilets in front of city hall but only three were accessible, the others were fenced off. College park closed it's washrooms at 10pm. Security wouldn't reopen the washrooms because they were just cleaned. It's unfortunate but now the halls in College Park, specifically in the mall areas, probably smell like pee as I saw a bunch of people urinating in the dark corners. Zombies and people needing to pee were running around the mall like something out of a bad movie.

number 42 - University of Toronto

The coconut drink (at UofT)

You'd think people with businesses that served food would capitalize on staying open all night but no. Starbucks, Second cup and other coffee stores that are open normal hours were closed to the disappointment of Kate . Thank the heavens for Tim Horton's (and their bathrooms).

Despite the lack of pee places I had a good time wandering around looking at stuff. The night started off by eating tons of meat at a Korean buffet. Having filled ourselves with copious amounts of food we waddled off to the Queen and Beverly area to start, past the AGO, over to UofT, through Queen's Park, a cab ride to Yonge and College, down to Yonge and Dundas and finally to the Eaton Centre. It was there we called it a night. Kate was getting tired.

Sam's last spin

number 4 - 15 seconds by Daniel Olson

Someone getting a bit more than 15 seconds

number 2 - Into the Blue by Fujiwara Takahiro

The planet eater from Star Trek

Real street trash just north of the fake street trash (number 3) of Massey Hall

At that point it was around 4am. We hopped on a bus going north on Yonge and I got off at Bloor to transfer to a bus going east. While waiting for the Bloor Street bus I got a text message. The text message resulted in me going back to the Gardiner museum. Kate and I tried to get in earlier that evening but the door guy wouldn't allow us in because Kate had a cup of tea. The second attempt I found it was just closing. What? It was only 5:30am, the sun wasn't even up... so much for all night. Lame...

A shoe display on Bloor

I ate breakfast at the 24 hour restaurant 7 west. I had a tasty but overpriced hamburger and soup. We had a waiter that kept forgetting things, like a spoon for my soup, an extra coke. It was a bit irratating but I was getting tired and figured the waiter was too.

David Suzuki

Melting building

Golden Light

By the time I arrived home (by cab) it was 9am. I had an hour to sleep before having to wake up to go for my birthday dim sum. As it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, I didn't get any sleep.


Erin Nicholson said...


I saw the same shoe display in Barcelona! Weird, I didn't know that window displays could be international.

BagelHot said...

It seems that they can be as I also saw something similar in Portland, OR.