Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TORD rolls in on Canada Day

Penny Whistler welcomes you to the new TORD venue.

Canada Day. Wednesday. That means a split week. Two days of work, holiday, two days of work. Lame.

On the day off TORD had a "come see our new venue for free" event. They had two teams scrimmage against each other. A hodge podge of players from the four existing teams (gore-gores, chicks ahoy, death track dolls, and the smoke city betties) created two teams, black and white.

Inside the new spacious well lit venue

Since I uploaded most of these photos to facebook. I thought for the blog I'd make up a story based on some of the photos that I shot. Note this is completely fictional and didn't happen (really).

Dust Bunny warming up and sees...

"I think that ref is dead."

"bleh. not another dead ref body."

Anita Martini and Anya Face distract the crowd while the body is removed

"Huh? I don't see a body. I guess we can let this Joker go."

I kill me. (blogger with too much time on his hands)

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