Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fashion Week - Day 4

Ashley MacIsaac opens for Pink Tartan

Thursday, the last day of the runway shows at the Liberty Grand. Today's favorite designers were Rudsak and Pat McDonagh. The last show to be seen at the main runway was for the designers of Pink Tartan.
They managed to get a huge turnout to view their fall winter collection.

Hounds tooth coat from the Pink Tartan collection

Weather it was to see Ashley MacIsaac do an opening number, the fact that it was the last runway show, or to see the actually clothing line, why people showed up in such large numbers is anyone's guess.

The big event that happened to me today was while shooting the Pat McDonagh collection my foot fell asleep. That's what happens when you stand in a confined space for five hours. Some point during the middle of the presentation I had to bend over to my camera bag to get more memory for my camera. I fell over almost taking out one of the photographers behind me. Luckily this happened between models. Both of us, me and the other photographer, didn't miss any shots. I shot the rest of the show with my weight on the good leg and the rest of my weight on the monopod.

By the end of the show I fell to the floor to rub my tingly foot. And to answer Kyoko out there who is probably going to ask... "No, I was not wearing my super socks at the time.". For those of you that don't know for christmas I got a pair of super socks (I can't remember the actually name but they're high tech socks). They're thick, and fit your feet like nothing else. Your feet actually feel great when wearing them. I wore them on wednesday. What a big difference they make.


Anonymous said...

The socks are called "Smart Wool" and they really are the creme de la creme of socks. Whether you are mountain climbing or just shooting models for 5 hours, they'll never let you down...just ask your feet.

dragonfly said...

how was rupaul? had enough waiting around so i bailed--

Sock Monty said...

Can you make Super Sock Monkeys out of Super Socks??!!