Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Video Object

Jessica and Darryl do a photo shoot for Video Object

Today's big thing was to hull a lot of my photo gear over to Darryl's. Darryl's new project of the day is a pod cast called "video object". click here to go straight to the VO site. It's a thing where Darryl and Jessica shoot something every week. So far it's been a whole two weeks! What will they come up with next? See for yourself.

Jessica shows Darryl who's boss.

Oh, by the way, if you thought this was a plug for checking out video object you would be right.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Darryl guy? What's with him and all the porn?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Darryl has something to do with a film festival. Check out the "hardliqour and porn" site.

There's a link from the right side of the blog.