Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Two burgers later...

My two burger with coney fries and grape drink dinner.

Today I woke up without a voice. That is my throat was sore. After effects due to the odd hours of fashion week and shooting the book launch with little sleep inbetween. I woke up to answer the phone. It was odd finding out I was talking without any volume. I might have screwed up a client meeting, photo session. Crap.

Putting the bad thought of losing a client to the back of my head I spent the rest of the day going through all the fashion pictures I shot. With 14 runway shows averaging about 300 shots each there were somewhere around 4000 pictures that I managed to widdle down to 96 for the Juicy Stuff week in review.

It took me until about 7pm to color correct, resize, label and upload them, when I realized I hadn't eaten anything since I started the process - about 8 hours. I decided to get outside and go to Lick's, the world's happiest burger place. Once there, I pigged out on meat products. Two meat burgers and some coney fries (fries with chilli). Lick's has a double patty burger (known as the hulk) but I figured if I couldn't eat it all I could always bring the extra burger home and eat it later.

The extra burger was inhaled along with the other food. I felt a bit full getting up to go home. Having a car would be good to wheel myself home. Probably not safe though as the food demanded my stomach pump the blood from my brain to help digest the food. I felt sleepy but managed to wobble the rest of the way home.

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