Monday, September 11, 2006

Christal Films Party

Welcome to the Christal Films Party

Sunday night. The Christal Films party. I was hired to shoot the happy party goers attending the Christal Films party being held down at the Kool Haus. Supposedly a huge (huge as in famous, not fat) DJ was going to be there DJing. A Bob Sinclar. Who's that? I never heard of him but that's not saying much. I was told by Ingrid the main PR person for this event that he does a song that's really "hot" in the clubs right now.

Tianna Loxx shows off the power of sequins.

Leah poses as a live trashy punk Barbie-type figure

As with any party the schedule for things to happen were a bit off. The DJ finally showed, this Bob. I didn't recognize him. Ingrid was eager for me to get his picture. He was up on stage. Walking up onto the stage to introduce ourselves we were stopped by some guy. Bob's security? family friend? Press? I wasn't sure. He told us to come back in an hour as he was busy in some interview.

An hour later I managed to pop back on stage. Bob was already starting the DJ bit. We never did get a shot of him relaxing on the couch. A camera guy asked why I didn't show up an hour ago as Bob was sitting around doning nothing. Great.

Cathy and David Guetta the masterminds behind this dance party

Bob Sinclar (aka Chris Lefriant) looks over his CD collection for the next tune

In the end I got some good shots of Bob working the event. I went into a smaller quieter room to change batteries when this song "Love Generation" started playing. "Geez, what kind of DJ is this? I've heard this at every night club I've been to in the last month."

As I entered the main dance area I noticed Gary Pine singing! Crap. Bob Sinclar is the DJ that performs Love Generation. This is big.

Gary Nesta Pine sings Love Generation

Bob and Gary at the turn tables

The party goers get a boost of enery starting with Love Generation"

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