Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The London Eye and Camden Town

View of Westminster from the London Eye

Today I managed to wake up early to travel down to the Eye as the sun was coming up. The highlight of my day was getting the people in my pod to pose (see below). In doing so I managed to meet a bunch of people from around the world. It's great getting a bunch of strangers together even if it's for a few minutes. The stories alone are worth it.

After London Eye ride I realized I forgot my phone back at the hotel. I had to travel back to get it as I was expecting a call from either Josie or Andrew to meet up to go to Camden Town. We spent a few hours in Camden town with some of the time spent at a store called Cyber Dog, a techno-punk store. It looked like it had a bunch of props from the doctor who series and maybe even some of the Star Wars movies.

Later on back in the business district we got stuck between the third and forth floor in a tiny elevator. I wasn't sure what was funnier the angry superintendent shouting "Can't you read?" referring to a three person limit sign or the woman we were visiting complaining "that we Canadians are too lazy to walk up stairs."

People from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and other parts of the UK all in one pod.

Tourist shot, the double decker bus and Westminster in the BG.

Sainsbury's - my 24 hour sandwich source.

Sign on the road telling you which way traffic is coming from

I liked this bus ad.

It seems they really don't like president Bush in this country.

Camden town market. Endless rows of clothing

Store sign for "4 feet".

The Camden bridge

Some food stalls under the bridge

John Lennon historic plaque

A place to eat

A woman selling sheep and reusable heat pads

Some stores under the bridge

An imported can of coke

A marmite ad

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