Friday, October 13, 2006

Check one, two...

Standing on stage while lights are being adjusted

It's the day before the big day of the Hard Liquor and Porn film festival. Unlike previous years this is the first year the festival is being held in a theater. In the past it was held in a dance club, a bar, even Darryl's apartment.

To make sure everything runs smoothly tomorrow we showed up at the Bloor theater with the video equipment and did some last minute fine tuning, some sound checks, walkie checks, and some more lighting tweaks.

Peter does a final tweak to the stage spot lights.

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Anonymous said...

I know Bloor Cinema is an old theatre and they probably don't make much $$$ but seriously....

Replace the seats!!!! They've gotta be 20 years old. New seats WILL make more people want to go to a movie there, trust me.