Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cupcake Cooks

Cupcake cooks up some birds

Every now and then I get invited over to help eat at Cupcake place. Somehow I doubt it's just to consume food. I'm sure there's some other reason for me being there. Perhaps to tell the tales of the single life which Cupcake and William seem so enchanted with. Maybe it's just a clever way to distract the kids.

"Look kids! It's uncle Derek!". I don't know how or why but somehow that brings a shudder to my spine. As a single, unparent (is that even a term?), I find kids quite tiring. They're nice enough, especially these kids, but wow do they ever tire you out with the relentless questions and entertaining they require. I still have nightmares of reading a book 12 times to Asha about a mouse that lived on a farm. I can see cupcake laughing as I write this.

Picture a person with a lot of energy, at least I thought so at the time, about to read a book to a little girl who's about half the size. "Once upon a time there was a mouse who ran a farm...". After reading the book, the girl would squeal "Again, again!". By the ending of reading number twelve picture the same guy with all the energy sucked out of him lying on the couch with a finger barely touching the book now located on the coffee table with the lines from the book burnt into his brain. The kid's still squealing "Again, again!".

I concede that kids are a lot of work. It's times like this when I appreciate the singledom I have been given. Although not being single doesn't necessarily mean you have kids. I'll have to give that a bit more thought.

The baby Fin looks confused

As much as raising a baby seems so foreign to me having a "single" life and going out seems to be just as foreign to the Cupcake family. They were single at one point? Surely they would remember what it was like? I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


Cupcake said...

We still love ya BagelHot but I need to clarify some of your points in this posting, as other readers of your blog may get the wrong idea of Cupcake and family.

Other times BagelHot has been invited over:

1. Current post: BH was invited to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with us. William’s mother played with the kids. BUT Uncle Derek is also kind enough to amuse our 3 year old when she talks to him, rather than ignore a child despite his kid fatigue.

2. BH’s birthdays: despite having two very young children under age four, I try and cook annual birthday dinners for BH and my friend Debbie. I will also bake a special birthday dessert for them. Last year, dessert was crème brulee. As well, if BH asked to bring a “special someone” to any of our dinner invites, we would be very happy to include said person.

“As much as raising a baby seems so foreign to me having a "single" life and going out seems to be just as foreign to the Cupcake family. They were single at one point? Surely they would remember what it was like?”

3. We try and extend an open invite to BH for Christmas Eve and Christmas NOT to babysit but to spend some time with us. Christmas tends to have extended family around. The open invite is with the understanding that if BH accepts another Christmas invite to a gathering that is full of single people without kiddies, he is welcome to cancel us out, as we understand.

4. That is funny that BH is still traumatized over the book reading incidence. (see his original posting:

BagelHot said...

Uh yeah. I forgot it was Thanksgiving. I also forgot that reading the book only happened 5 times not 12. It's like the fish story I'll make reference to it again and it'll be 20 times or 30 times.

For those of you too lazy to copy and paste click here to read the blog entry Cupcake is referring to.

Anyone else notice that Cupcake's comment seems like a legal document?

Cupcake said...

RE: Anyone else notice that Cupcake's comment seems like a legal document?

Cupcake would just like the record to show that she is not the type of person to
a) use people for babysitting (or in the habit of using people in general) and
b) constantly living vicariously through others' stories,
as that is how she felt the current posting inadvertently depicted her dinner invites to BagelHot.

Cupcake would like the record to show that she thinks she can be a good friend that will be there for others through thick and thin. You just have to ask Cupcake if you need help with something and she'll do her best to be supportive.


whenpetsattack said...

Does the old saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you?" have any meaning. Especially if that hand belongs to someone thoughtful enough to invite you over to their place all the time, like CHRISTMAS and your BIRTHDAY? Looks to me that you're spending more time shooting photos of half-naked women and socializing with cool hip people then saying thanks to those who seem to be genuinely nice to you? I bet those groovy friends and models aren't going to care what you do (or don't do) on your birthday?

Anonymous said...

To WhenPetsAttack,

It seems that there's some flames starting to ignite here. I think the point Cupcake is trying to make here is that Bagelhot is not being invited over just to take pictures but to experience being part of her family.

I think cupcake has stated her case very clearly.

WhenPetsattack should lighten up a bit. I think the real issue with WhenPetsAttack is his or her comfort level with the photos of half-naked women and BagelHot socializing with cool hip people.

Maybe WhenPetsAttack should get out more and meet his or her own cool hip people.

whenpetsattack said...

Bowser, maybe you should go fuck off. I'm sure this Bagelhot can defend himself just fine.

BagelHot said...

To Bowser,

While I appreciate your analysis and support I believe whenpetsattack (WPA) has a good point. Good things should not be taken for granted.

To Cupcake,

For the record, I do enjoy the food and being offered to spend time with you and your family. Did I say I enjoyed the food? So thanks for that.

Also even though you did miss this years birthday it's not your responsibility to cook for me every year. This is not a message saying not to though. :-> I think you should cook for people as much as you like.


While I try to keep from moderating comments, as I believe everyone should be able to give input using their own uncensored opinions, I would appreciate you keeping your flaming down to a PG-13 level even if it's to retaliate from a personal attack to your character.

Your last comment, although understandable, is also hurtful and that's not what this blog is about.