Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hugs All Around

The Lavalife greeters

Tonight the Drake, yes the Drake again, held the launch for the Lavalife online magazine. Lavalife, that place where singles click. Unlike most launch parties Lavalife had two greeters at the door that asked if you wanted a hug and if you did you got one. It was that easy.

I found the hugging created a comfortable atmosphere all around. Usually at singles events there's the uncomfortable silence and awkwardness because it's a singles event. Perhaps the added pressure of meeting someone or knowing that everyone else there is looking.

Juliet gets a hug

Before I could really enjoy myself, there was free food after all, I was pulled away by my editor to cover a fashion show. Ah, the life of a photographer.

Adding hair product

The fashion show took place at a new club located near Dufferin and Liberty. The collection was designed by Jason Meyer. After securing a spot in the front of the runway I was brought downstairs to take some pictures of the models getting ready.

You hear of stories where models get into a raging fight match against one another to wear the nicest clothes or shoes. Tug-o-wars, scratching, maybe even fisticuffs resulting in the show starting late. Nothing that exciting happened here. These models were pretty laid back and just sitting around waiting for the show to start.

The final results

The show eventually started and I noted it had really bad, almost non-existent lighting. For some reason someone had thought it would be great to light the model from behind, from the floor no less. Being in London shooting fashion week really spoils you.


Anonymous said...

But did you get any phone numbers, I mean email addresses (at both events)?

BagelHot said...

Phone numbers??? uh... no.