Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pizza Craving

It's starting to look bleak outside.

Today I felt a bit better and looking into the refrigerator I realized that I had a craving for pizza. It might have been because yesterday I saw a coupon for some frozen pizza on sale. It's funny how that works. Again I trekked out to the local food store and this time came back with a double frozen set of deluxe frozen pizzas by McCain.

I baked the pizza and ate the whole thing in one sitting while watching "Clash by Night" (1952) on DVD. A film noir-ish story about a girl that moves back to her small town meets a simple guy who happens to be a fisherman with a crush on her. Of course there's all sorts of craziness that goes on to keep the story moving.

Cooked frozen Pizza


theotherbear said...

You're sick alot. Are you looking after yourself, getting plenty of sleep and eating lots of fruit and veggies? Yeah, I know, I sound like your mother, just wondering why ou seem to get colds alot.

BagelHot said...

In this case I think it was from over doing the work thing. Needless to say I'm better now.