Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bad Food is Good

Linda and me as Schneiders employees.

Today's adventure took place at the Canadian National Exhibition with Linda. The fun started right when we got in at the front gates. Just a few feet away from the ticket booth and entrance there was a mobile museum for Schneiders. Basically a tent with framed photographs and blurbs. Standing in front of the photographs was one of the curators who was an actual employee for over 30 years. We talked to him for a few minutes then looked around reading about the history of the company.

Outside the tent was a green screen and some lab coats. With the help of some photo magic, poof, both Linda and I became meat inspectors or maybe butchers standing in front of an old Scheiders moblie. Some kind of Schneiders employees maybe? How cool is that?

Waiting for the tribute to Broadway... on ICE!!!

At the Ricoh building there was a "Tribute to Broadway". We got some pretty good seats that were facing down the center of the ice rink. While waiting for the show to start Linda was freezing. Is it me or are shows on ice a bit non-glamorous. Thoughts of people who skate that couldn't make the Olympics end up? Or where people that used to be in the Olympics end up? It seems so sad.

As a small kid seeing the Ice Capades were fun and even cool. But then as a small kid how many times did you get to go out with your parents on outings of any sort? The odd Christmas party, maybe a hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens, a baseball game. This is before recordable TV technology and internet by the way. Like sharpening Popsicle sticks on the sidewalk things were a lot simpler then. I seem to remember going to the Ice Capades with my cousin who at that time thought she wanted to be an ice skater. She had this thing for the movie Ice Castles.

The Phantom of the Opera... on ICE!!!!

Some where over time as an adult, shows on ice seem to rank somewhere between watching Sesame Street and West Side Story. It's not like they have action dramas on skates on TV. Although it might be funny. It would be hard to pull off something serious with a cast of skaters. Probably end up with a hockey musical or something better left to ballet.

The Tribute to Broadway was pretty entertaining with catchy music (including music from ABBA and Grease) and some pretty good skating. It was long enough to feel like your free admission was worth it. A thing to note was that the lighting was pretty incredible.

Balancing rocks.

Linda and I spent a lot of time walking around to the different food booths. We ate everything from corns dogs, greek food, and the coveted deep fried mars bars (DFMBs). How can something so bad for you be so good tasting? I would buy a mini deep fryer just for making DFMBs and corn dogs if the thought of eating them on a regular basis didn't end up with me clutching my chest and dying. Still if you can't eat what you want why bother living.

To paraphrase a quote from "Strictly Ballroom", "A life lived in fear of food, is a life half lived.". Okay I added the food part, but really....

A butter sculpture of the Statue of Liberty.

baby pig... or piglet.

Like looking into the eyes of a chicken.

A sheep enjoying the cool breeze.

Linda with the prize from Whack-A-Mole

Some of this year's stuffed prizes.

Deep fried Mars bars... only 1000 calories per bar.

Just to clarify... The "Bad Food" in the title refers to the deep fried foods mentioned in this entry.

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