Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nothing Day with the Hyena Dog Robbery

Julie on the subway

The only work related thing I had on my agenda today was to drop off some photos of the boat cruise to Joel. Other than that no plans to do anything else. It's days like this that are usually a good time to meet up with friends you don't get to see on a regular basis provided you don't want to spend the time catching up on your sleep.

On my way to visit Thomas at the Bloor Future bakery I bumped into Julie. Julie is a person I had met (again) a few weeks after moving into my current apartment. It was at the local NoFrills grocery store in the yogurt section. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and blurted "Julie?". The name just popped into my head and out my mouth before I even knew if the name matched the face.

She kind of squinted at me. It was obvious she knew who I was but didn't remember my name. After a few long seconds "Derek?". It's pretty amazing how some people remain the same or recognizable to one another after so many years. The last time I saw her I was in grade six.

Thomas and his bike

After brunch and dropping off the photo CD for Joel I made my way back downtown on foot, stopping at whatever caught my eye. It was sad to see the Japanese restaurant with a closed sign in the door window. I have a very fond memory of eating there in a very quiet booth. The food was excellent.

The Japanese restaurant that was quite nice.

Curses! It's closed for good.

A sleeping puffed out pigeon.

The TTC trains.

Cloud observations.

Just before getting to Bloor street I stopped at a park and sat on a park bench looking around at people and things in general. Puffy clouds, joggers, woman with dog, a bunch of office people walking somewhere with sandwiches. People scurrying around in general with things to do.

Later on in the evening I dropped by the Bovine to see the band the Hyena Dog Robbery with front man Daryl Purdy. Daryl is a boom operator that I met on set a while ago on various productions one of them being Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. Who knew he could sing and play guitar? Not me.

Daryl Purdy of the Hyena Dog Robbery

Daryl sings.


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