Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday at Work

Looking out the window during lunch.

I spent most of my birthday today working on the set of "Traitor". Earlier in the morning, just after midnight I got a call from Linda, Brigitte and Darryl. Darryl seemed disappointed that Linda had beat him to the punch and while I was blabbing to Darryl, Brigitte had left a happy birthday message on the machine. Compared to last year I was doing pretty good raking in the birthday wishes. Granted last year no one knew I was back from the UK. The only person that called was Leanna and that was because I snuck my birthday date into her day timer before I gave it to her as a present at the beginning of the year. Talk about planning stuff in advance.

This year I spent most of my birthday on set working. For lunch I managed to snag two cake items from the food table. A slice of blueberry cheese cake which was pretty amazing and a piece of pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. I thanked craft service for bringing it in.

There's a group of people that don't get much praise. Just like an army that runs on it's stomach so does a film crew. Hurray for the people that work in craft service. One of the best things about working on set.

Leanna's house warming

After work I travelled over to Leanna's new apartment for her house warming. My gift was a giant family pack of bathroom tissue, the good stuff that's soft on your tush, not that hard cheap stuff with wood chips. Why is it that people being plants to a new home? Maybe not everyone but it's up there with buying a toaster for a newly wed couple.

Being a nomadic sort, after the days of post secondary education, I moved seven times in eight years, and during that time received many plants. From flowers to the odd cactus to beans in a jar to flora I couldn't identify. All of them dead within a month. The cactus was dead within the week. Three days actually. We're talking fully green and plump to a shrivelled up brown clump surrounded by needles on the ground. Thanks to the powers of my brown thumb I've never had any plants live that long, but really, three days? That's got to be a record somewhere.

What's with the "V" thing anyway?

After the house warming I got home to find a barrage of Facebook wall messages saying Happy Birthday. Heck I even got a message from the facebook team wishing me "Happy Birthday". Even my cell phone company sent me a "Happy Birthday" message saying I could use the phone for free. Woo Hoo! Too bad I got the message at the end of the day. Another birthday of free cell phone calling missed. D'oh!

Overall as far as my birthdays go I had a pretty good day.

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theotherbear said...

Happy (belated) birthday.