Friday, September 14, 2007

Andy's Birthday Party

The Rok Boutique (200 Bathurst)

Andy, a girl I've met only once before at Bill's birthday party a few years ago had her birthday tonight at the ROK boutique. For the readers that don't know, the ROK boutique is a three month old (or so) bar located on the west side of Bathurst just north of Queen street here in Toronto. The bar's musical ambiance contains hits from AC/DC, Slayer, Kiss, and other rock bands from the 80s.

Andy and Bill

At Bill's request and the twisting of a very rubber arm I showed up to photograph the event. Like many birthdays, there was a lot of drinking and socializing involved. What made this event a bit different was that a dance pole was installed in the main area of the bar.

For the last few years, at least here in Toronto, pole dancing has gone from being solely used by night club dancers to becoming part of being fit and exercise for "normal" women. There are fitness places that have been popping up that specialize in this. (ie. FlirtyGirl fitness).

Whatever the reason for having a pole for a birthday you could see people having fun with it. Think of it as the 2007 version of Twister. Although I stick to my opinion that guys on poles just look awkward or goofy.

The barkeeps

Good "friends".

Andy attempts the pole

Tracy and Lydia

Andy the birthday girl.


phaedrav said...

You are *so* in trouble for not getting me invited. Thanks for the pics, though. :-)

benilhalk said...

I am totally impressed with Andy's Birthday Party. It seems like a chic party with loads of fun. Hey girls, you just nailed it and now I am surely going to use all of these ideas for my cousin’s 25th birthday bash that is a surprise to her. I have already reserved one of the local LA event venues.