Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's that binging?

I went to see the movie "Shoot Em Up" today with Marc. Near the end of the movie a binging noise became audible. At first I thought it was part of the movie but then I realized it was the fire alarm. The time between bings shortened. The irritating noise was then followed up by a "movie team member" entering the theatre telling everyone to evacuate.

While this experience wasn't as bad as watching the subtitled film on a plane during turbulence it was still irritating not knowing how the last five minutes of the movie ended. The good news is that both Marc and I received two free passes each (with no expiry dates) to see movies at another time.

I'll probably end up buying 'Shoot Em Up' on DVD as it was filmed in Toronto and was an overall good no brainer action movie with a lot of guns blazing. In fact the movie was pretty much entirely guns blazing with very little dialogue or story for that matter. Approx 2 hours of action choreography. rating: half bagel

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