Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Albany Bout

Renee and the HCRG travel team cheer on Montreal

By the time we arrived at the roller rink in Albany the bout had just started. We managed to get there just as the announcer began introducing the players on each team. The thing I noticed was that the ceiling seemed really low. It was almost like we were in a basement somewhere.

The amount of cheering that came from the HCRG drowned out the other sounds for half of the rink. It was awesome. One of the Montreal skaters, the Iron Wench, made quite the impression on the HCRG. The Montreal player sped around the rink, taking the corners fast and low, touching the ground with her hand.

The Iron Wench passes the other girls like a hot knife through butter.

The final score Hudson Valley Horrors 89 Montreal New Skids on the Block 116.

Woo Woo!!! Canada!!!

Georgia W Tush cools down with screaming fans in the background.

The Hudson Valley Horrors and Montreal New Skids on the Block

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