Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I feel like a mushroom

Danielle sits near the light for warmth.

While working on Silence, now known as Dead Silence, Carol the script supervisor once told me she felt like a mushroom while working on set. I felt like that today. Both Danielle and I had been working in a glass factory on a show called the Summit. The location is based in an underground basement so even during the day there is no sunlight.

Part of our job is to set up a bunch of monitors before the main unit arrives on location to shoot. Being independent from the main unit does have advantages. The main one is that we can wire things up without being in anyone's way. One of the downsides though is the amount of lighting available to us is pretty limited as well as temperature control.

Danielle thought it was freezing where as I thought the temperature was okay enough to wear a T-shirt. Then again I'm usually always wearing a T-shirt. Today I was comfortable. I find that if I work in a environment that is too hot or warm (for me) I tend to get lethargic. The lack of light was more of a nuisance as I kept bumping myself into the sides of a hole in a wall. A hole in which I had to pass wire through for the monitors on set to the computers located in the room next door.

A large part of doing 24 frame playback is not only wiring monitors to computers but wiring the monitors so they are out of sight and people are not tripping over them. There are art department people that actually design sets which the hiding of wires in mind. On some sets like the ones on the Hulk the wires sometimes are included on the set as part of the set. This is a win win situation.

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