Friday, October 12, 2007

Darryl's 3D request

Darryl holding up my 3D print submissions

Before going home I decided to swing over to Darryl's office to see how things were going. With the HLAP event tomorrow night I wanted to see if Darryl had gotten my 3D files for his 3D gallery. This was a bit of a mistake. He wanted to know if I had anything new.

All my submissions were photos I had taken over the years using my old, but trusty, stereo Realist camera. A camera made in the 50s. The photos were of past HLAP film making. The number of photos seemed enough to me yet there was a bug in my brain that wouldn't stop.

When I got home I pulled out the old MachoBaby set. A few days ago I had found it while packing stuff away for my big apartment move. Most of the set was still intact and was only missing a few bricks. All the figures I used for the small short fim where still in a fishing tackle box I had. I decided to shoot the set using the cha cha method (single camera, moving slightly from left to right between frames).

The MachoBaby! set... Found, rebuilt then shot in 3D

I must have found a second wind because after positioning the village people and Laer, Darryl, and I, I added some movie people, some shrubs, trees and other lego objects to fill out the scene. I then did a close up of my Lego character and made a separate 3D "movie poster" (I use that term loosely). It was about 4am when I finally uploaded the finished artwork to Darryl.

Icing on the cake... me as a Lego person (note: the camera).

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