Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sustainable Fashion

Andrew Majtenyi's sporty designs for the Design Exchange contest

The new catch word that seems to be going around these days is the word "sustainable". It's kind of like the word "multimedia" being used for the making of computer "stuff" in the 90s. The "information super highway" instead of the internet/web, tacking the word "pro" onto the end of software packages to make them sound better than they really might be or the use of "High Definition" to describe televisions that are broadcast over the air based on lossy compression algorithms.

Catch words like "sustainable" for some reason really anger me. It's just a way to sell things to the consumer while creating a cloud of confusion over individuals not in the know. Words can also make things sound more fun then they actual are. "You can SURF the web!". Wired magazine is known for adding this crazy jargon into our everyday lives. I really hate that magazine. I was convinced I wasn't alone when the issue with the large words"Believe the hype" was typed in big letters across the cover (referring to Star Wars episode 1).

Call me a geek but I really miss computer magazines that actually had substance to them (like the early BYTE magazines with the little electronic projects), or COMPUTE! (with the programming listings for your favourite computer). Heck, even Nibble (an Apple ][+ mag) was a cool read. Yep, those were the days... back when computers were fun.

At any rate today's photo shoot was based on 'Sustainable' Fashion. While I really don't understand what the word sustainable has anything to do with clothing specifically the actual photographing of the clothing and the models was quite fun.

Andrew had gotten two models from WM models (an agency he often gets models from) and the make up artist Daniela Suppa. Daniela had worked on other shoots of Andrews. I hadn't seen her since I dropped off the last batch of photos last may. I forgot how much I missed her cheery disposition.

For this years shoot, we did one last year where Andrew won gold, Andrew wanted a different look. Where last year's shoot was an impromptu session that took place in a car dealership parking lot, this year the impromptu photo shoot took place in a nearby park. The outfits this year were sports clothing (track suits) so doing physical activities became the theme this year.

We did a few photos of the models running around and a few photos of them just posing in front of a soccer ball near a goal post. I even tried to incorporate the CN tower in the background to show that the designer was Canadian.

After the photos were taken Andrew invited us all out for chinese food as part of a thank you for doing all that work. Note to future employers... Food goes a long way.

Fashion designer Andrew Majtenyi and makeup artist Daniela Suppa

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