Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Jersey post party partying

Cherry Bomb of the She-Devils and Miss Carriage of the HCRG

After the partying at Dadz, some of the Jersey girls came over to visit out hotel. Small gatherings started popping up in various rooms at which point I peeked in with my cell phone camera to socialize and see what was going on.

At some point one of the Jersey girls had lost her camera. Two rooms were turned upside down trying to find it. Let it be known that the camera was later found in the car that the girl had travelled to the hotel in.

Roller Girls in the hallways...

Roller girls in Trevors bed...

In another room there were a bunch of girl's piling onto Trevor and then at some point it became a dinner mint throwing frenzy. After getting beaned in the head from a mint that ricocheted off the wall I decided it was time to go back to my room and started downloading the photos from the camera to facebook.

Marybeth hugs a sleeping Scott

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