Friday, April 11, 2008

Cat Activity

Genki jumping off the dresser

It's amazing how much energy cats can have when they're not sleeping. In fact in seems with Genki that he's either hidden under the bed sleeping or he's running around full tilt. I spent some time downstairs watching more episodes of "The Fugitive" and playing "Radiant Dawn", a newly acquired video game for the Wii.

Genki back on the dresser looking at Pumpkin

Pumpkin: Half asleep or plotting?

By the time I felt sleepy and wanting to pack it in I got up the stairs to find that the two cats had snuck up and were waiting for me. Pumpkin must have popped the door that wasn't totally closed allowing for both of them to invade.

The two cats sneak upstairs.

My cat allergies have become worse with the arrival of Genki. I'm finding it difficult to breathe today. With the project over I think I'll go outside for some fresh air even though it's raining.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...don't let the fur bags allergy you out of your own home. Don't let them upstairs for god's sake - that's just saddistic.

Great pics of the Genki & Pumpkin...I hope they don't like you more than me...but I bet you're spoiling them!