Friday, April 04, 2008

It's like Pop-up video

Pumpkin, put outside so he doesn't eat Genki's food.

The recap

I would like to apologize for the large gap in my blog entries. I realize there have been some holes over the last year. I got a bit behind in october and then again these last few weeks after London. I have been busy working a job since my return to Canada that's been pretty time consuming.

Here's what you've missed. Got back from London. Started working on an animation job which delivered for the most part yesterday. As the project deadline drew closer my amount of time awake also increased in order to get the work done. Kyoko and Chris left for Japan today for Kyoko's sister's wedding.

I have been put in charge of taking care of Kyoko's cat, Pumpkin, as well as Kyoko's mother's cat, Genki (I don't know how to spell the name properly but I'm guessing this is pretty close). The reason I have skipped a bunch of days is to update the blog so Kyoko, Chris (and anyone else) can keep track of the cats while they are away. I will do my best to keep the blog updated on a regular basis while they are away.

Today's entry

Sometime in the mid or maybe late nineties there was a show on one of the video music stations called Pop-up video. It was a show with a bunch of music videos that would play with bubbles of text appearing throughout the video detailing behind the scenes information or some kind of additional data loosely based on what was shown. For a brain (such as mine) that would suck up and absorb all kinds of useless information and retain it this was a great show.

I've always wondered what life would be like if you could have some kind of device that plugs into your head so when you look at something it gives you information about it. When I went downstairs to check on the two wards I wondered no more.

As soon as I opened the door there were a few post-it notes stuck on a pile of DVDs with instructions to look for other post-it notes around the apartment. Kind of like those little bubbles of text only in "REAL" life.

The Wards

subject one: "Pumpkin" (aka Pumpkin Pie)
Pumpkin, who may be familiar to the readers as he's been featured in past blog entries is a cat that basically runs on the thought of food, getting food, and meowing for food. The panhandler of the two for sure.

Genki, the skiddish one.

subject two: Genki (Kyoko's mother's cat)
My initial impression is the subject seems skiddish and will hide behind furniture (under beds, tables) to avoid eye contact. I have hardly seen the subject today. Will have to try to set up a camera on a trip wire to see if subject is not stuck under the bed.

The two brothers

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek!
The picture of the furry fiends are great! I will be sure to pass along the news updates to my parents & Chris. We are thinking about you & the boys & Andrew & Isako.

Take care of each other!!