Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cat Alert

Darryl and Neil at the Only Cafe

Next stop the across the street to 7-11

Next stop McDonalds... Hey, the Angus Burgers are coming!

I got home after having drinks at the Only Cafe on Danforth with Darryl and Neil. Darryl dropped by to see the Geometry Wars game ont the Wii. I carried Pumpkin inside. He came running up to the sound of my jingly keys. When Darryl left I went to see where Pumpkin was. For some reason whenever I opened a door to the outside, front or back door, Genki tried to bolt out. He was stopped by my quicker foot. "It's after midnight. I don't think so."

As it was past midnight and Pumpkin didn't show up for my calls I was a little worried. I even tried shaking the can of cat food. "Where the heck is he?" I went down to the basement to see if he was sleeping on the cat bed near the window. Genki followed. Nothing! Maybe he was under the bed. I didn't want to crawl under to look so I thought of the ultimate lure, the cat nip jar.

From just the sound of the tinny lid opening the furry crack addict would come out of hiding and race toward the jar thinking he was getting another fix. I slowly twisted the jar of crack goodness open... Nothing. Now I was really getting worried. I called Darryl who hadn't gotten home yet and left an urgent message with his roommate.

Eventually Darryl called back. "Did you let or see the cat go out of the house when you left?", I asked. "No. Did the cat come in?". "Of course the cat came in. I carried him in. Don't you remember?". I told Darryl I'd check outside just in case. Pumpkin not coming to the sound of food is like... me... not coming to the sound of food.

I called out onto the now empty, dark street, "Pumpkin!". Looked in another direction "Pumpkin!". Shaking the can of food. Nothing. I was now offically worried. Where can he be? Was he lying under the bed dying? I crawled under the bed to look. Nothing. Then it hit me. Maybe he snuck upstairs to my apartment. The door to the apartment was closed but I was running out of options.

When I got upstairs...

Crafty cat. Some how Pumpkin managed to do a Houdini and was drinking out of the toilet bowl. Why do I even bother filling up bowls with fresh water?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, did Pumpkin ever get you but good! He makes me proud...but I'm sorry you worried so much. I'd think you'd know to check your apartment before panicking by now...I'm notlaughing at you - really, I'm laughing WITH you.