Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pumpkin, Fugitive Fan

Pumpkin watches "The Fugitive" with me

After getting home from seeing Son of Butcher I watched a few episodes of "The Fugitive", an amazing show that was created by Roy Huggins the same guy that brought you The Rockford Files. Pumpkin sat next to me for a while it looked like he was watching the show as well.

A few years ago Global television aired the Fugitive in reruns at around 3am in the morning. I had watched the first episode ever which turned out to be the last episode to be aired where Richard Kimble actually finds the one armed man. D'oh! Despite the knowledge of how the series ended I watched the earlier episodes as Global recycled the show. Well written, character driven, with a touch of suspense, it was a great show that I tried to collect on laserdisc a long time ago. Although I don't think they ever released all the episodes from the four seasons that it aired. There were 30 shows a season bringing the totalto 120 episodes of pure enjoyment.

Now that CBS is releasing them on DVD I've started picking up the show. Although I wish they'd just bring out the whole series. Instead they're bringing out only a half season at a time. I'm almost finished watching the second volume of the first season.

Not enough action? Pumpkin falls asleep

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I miss my Pumpkin!!!