Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sons of Butcher

Sol Butcher (Dave Dunham)

I contemplated sleep. In fact after getting home from Hamilton and letting Pumpkin out I actually took a small nap. The thing running through my brain was I should really just stay at home and sleep. I really could use sleep. Then the other voice in my head told me to get my ass out of bed and go to the Bovine to see Sons of Butcher. "Why?" my sleepy side asked. "Because you like the band, you know one of the performers, and you may never seen the band perform again.". Good answer. The extrovert part of me won out. I got my lazy ass out of bed and grabbed a cab so I would get there early to get a good spot to shoot. The band was scheduled (according to facebook) to start at 9pm. It was 8:15pm.

Normally I like to arrive at an event that I'm shooting at at least an hour ahead of time. It allows me to survey the place and find a good shooting location. Plus I can take my time setting up and get to know people. I've shot at the Bovine before. It's a small venue but you're right up next to the stage if you get there early enough. There's room for about five or six people right at the front, a place where I'd have to be to take decent photos.

They didn't let people in until 9pm and my part of the line didn't get in until 9:30. As it turned out there was an opening band. That band didn't start until 10:30pm and that pushed Sons of Butcher to 11:20pm.

Ricky Butcher (Trevor Ziebarth)

The Sons of Butcher rock band

Doug Borski (Jay Ziebarth)

Christal Ballz (Chris Bell)

The performance was great! I'll have to make a note and ask what the fascination of Steve Perry songs with the band is one day. My extrovert side patted me on the back for getting outside.

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