Thursday, October 09, 2008

The hisser, the fatty, and the sneaky

Felix hisses at Simon

There are times when sitting in your backyard just observing can be pretty entertaining. Today I was a witness to a cat turf war. There's Simon, the black and white cat from down the street, Felix the cat next door with the large head, and Pumpkin the fatty.

Pumpkin seems to pad around the backyard oblivious to the other two. Felix will follow Pumpkin from a distance and should Pumpkin retrace his steps getting closer to Felix, Felix will hiss and eventually run to some sort of shelter. As for the third cat, Simon, She sneaks up on the other cats. I witnessed her run up to Felix while Felix was stalking Pumpkin. Simon whacked Felix a few times in the butt then ran off.

It seems this is Simon's way of entertaining herself. The photo above was Simon closing in on the unsuspecting Felix and Felix at the last minute noticing the proximity of Simon and reacting. Cats are fun aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

So the spagetti western is now on my driveway, eh? I should sell popcorn and set up lawn chairs.