Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bird or Tribble?

National Geographic's Bird field guide (by Rulon E. Simmons) states that a bird in the winter is easier to sneak up on and take pictures of because they are fluffed up and don't take to flight right away. I can state for the record that this is true. The bird in this picture doesn't even look like it's got a head. If you look closely though you can see it (you may have to enlarge the picture by clicking on it to get a better view).

This picture was taken last saturday at Nathan Phillips Square at the peace flame parkette. I did a lot of following up on different jobs today so no pictures. However one day I'll have to shoot the job bank at Pape and Danforth as it's pretty dismal.

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Olivia Meiring said...

Aw man that is cute! Its got its little head tucked awaym so it doesnt lose heat through the holes in its head. I often feel so sorry for those tiny birds in the snow, desperately trying to keep their blood from freezing in winter with no food around. I cant imagine how they keep warm enough. Its nice to leave lots of fatty, nutty treats out for them to snack on.