Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Upload This

Gak, It's 5:00am again. This time I didn't get up early. I haven't gone to sleep yet. The job that I've been trying to bid on for the last few days has got me uploading sample animations to the production office. I had to unbackup the files, recompress them into download friendly animations (this took about 4 hours). The resulting files came to just under 10 megs in total. The uploading takes about 10 minutes a megabyte due to the fact that I still use modem technology.

I uploaded them in two seperate emails. I figured the person I was sending them to wouldn't have enough space in his mailbox for all of it. Lucky thing. He didn't. The second half bounced back. I'll have to try again later today when I wake up. I have now put in about three and a half days of work, just trying to get the work. Three and a half days I could be using to do the actual work. ARG!!!

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