Saturday, January 15, 2005

Friends and their Characteristics

Ever read "The Catcher in the Rye"? I did a long time ago and for some reason only remember one character... Ackley. He used to (if memory recalls) go through the main characters stuff, drawers, shelves, picking up things, examining them, putting them back. I have a friend much like this. To a newly introduced person this could seem unsettling. Who is this? Why is he going through your stuff? Does he not have manners, respect things, what's going on are some of the questions that may be asked.

For this individual, the person has a pretty active mind. They're the person that fidgets during movies, seems to be in another place while having conversations, the hamster wheel in the brain is always turning. Aloof.

To keep this person from driving you crazy here are some things you can do... give them stuff to do while you're not around to entertain... (ie. have them talk to someone else in the room or even on the phone). Put stuff out that they are allowed to fiddle with... Lego tends to work very well, as do hole punchers, just have a baggy ready for all the confetti.

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