Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Day 4 - Happy New year! You're unemployed!

So today I found out officially that I'm unemployed. Yippee. I say that with great sarcasm. I got up at 8:00am which is very early for me. I sent an email to the office checking on when I'd be going back. I didn't get any calls over the holidays and figured I'd hear from someone by now. I can't say that being laid off is a surprise. When I last left my boss told me not to work over the christmas weeks and take time off. Usually he's a slave driver so I kinda knew something was up.

I went off to the not so local employment office. I deliberately went to an office not in my area. As the one that's located as Pape and Danforth is pretty grey and depressing. The people working there kind of remind me of zombies. Instead I went uptown to the cheerful, happy, employment office located at St. Clair and Yonge. I figured I could spend the morning filing through forms, then when done could take a walk on down yonge street and enjoy the fresh air. It was pretty nice out today. The sun was shining and it's wasn't very cold. Eventually I got to College street and became lazy so I took the street car home.

Once home I went to bed to take a nap, when my friend Darryl called. He was looking for porn music, or music for some porn movie he did that he was trying to sell to some local production. Darryl doesn't make real porn per se. It's more comedy than "insert tab A into slot B" kind of stuff. He has a festival about once a year. The last one had about 550 - 600 people show up. You can find out more by going to his web site at

I have some music generator software that I didn't think would have any appropiate music, It's the Lego studios kit I bought a few years ago, but we were in a pinch. I generated 10 minutes of music that we never used. In the end he gave the production a version with no soundtrack. He figured he'd let them worry about it.

I ended up taking that two hour nap and woke up four hours later. I decided to sew up this little belt I have for my tripod. My tripod has a shoulder strap. It also has a very heavy swivel head. When you sling the tripod over your shoulder the tripod head pull the tripod so that it's upside down. To remedy this I bought a tiny click belt from Mountain Equipment co-op and placed it around the head and around the strap. This changes the center of gravity of the tripod and it stays put. Confused? The belt kept coming apart as the belt part slips out of the clicky plastic part a lot. My solution was to sew the belt to the clicky part. Which I never got around to until today.

The rest of my day went to cooking leftovers, eating and going through my photo database cataloging photos I've taken over this last year. You can see some of these photos on Darryl's site. They're the ones with a yellow cast to them.

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