Monday, January 10, 2005

Sunday Cleaning

Today, sunday, being the day of rest, was spent cleaning the apartment. The usual stuff that normal people do. Dust, vacuum, sort through stuff, throw away stuff, etc, etc. Things tend to stay where they are for long periods of time in my apartment then tend to clutter. It's like someone just turns the transporter on full and beams crap into the apartment when I'm not looking. Cleaning and organizing is a big thing for me since I do both rarely and both at the same time once in a blue moon. Geez, I really must've been bored today. Aside from cleaning and organizing I went outside once. To get bread. Other than that I stayed in the whole day.

At about 7pm or so Darryl called saying that he punctured the front tire on his bicycle. He wanted to drop by and borrow my bike pump. I said "sure" with the condition he shows up and leaves before one am. I'm trying to go to sleep at a regular hour. For me, one to two am is good. I have to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow so I want to get up around 7:30 or 8:00.

Up until this point I hadn't even thought of food (another oddity for me) let alone eating. Since I was going to make food for me anyway I figured I'd make extra and I offer to have dinner ready by 11:30pm. I made some quick lemon chicken, some rice, and some steamed vegetables. Only I forgot about the vegetables. Whoops.

Darryl didn't make it to the apartment till about 12:25 and didn't leave till about 3am. You can see Darryl up there in the picture fixing the front of the inner tube by gluing a patch to it. Ack! It's quarter to four. Till the next log...

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uncaringbear said...

Sleeping and waking at regular hours is really important if you have a lot of 'time off'. It keeps you on a regular cycle that allows you to do the things that you should be doing when you have more free time than expected. More importantly, it makes you feel like you're a member of the human race, as opposed to a nocturnal vampire that sleeps through the day.