Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quest for Tacos

WARNING - some of this may seem obvious to people

Driven by hunger (yet again) I decided I would try to make Tacos. Not knowing much about mexican cooking I went to the WWW to do some research. I have confirmed that taco shells are the same substance that make up nachos and corn tortillas. The biggest discovery I made is a LOT of recipes on the web for making corn tortillas contain corn tortillas. What the hell?

I also found out that masa harina is corn flour... I think. (masa harina = flour lump) Times like this where I should have an espanol dictionary. maiz = corn I think so I need something that resembles masa harina de maiz. My french and spanish are pretty crap but luckily as a kid I was brain washed by watching sesame street. Who would have known. It's like figuring out School House Rocks actually taught me stuff without me knowing!

I also stumbled across an interesting online store called mexgrocer which I will have to check out in detail later.

I am now baking chicken. Plan B.

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