Thursday, January 06, 2005

Day 5 - the hunt is on

So today was a bit odd. I wanted to wake up early to go to the employment office to look for work but instead found myself waking up at noon. I guess that's what happens when you go to sleep at 5am. I got an email saying my last cheque was ready so I took the transit to go pick it up. On my way there I decided to get my hair cut. I have found over the years that it's easier to find work if you don't look like a shrub. My hair doesn't get long. It tends to poof out like one of those play doh toys.

Once at work I backed up my stuff of "my" computer and disassembled the peripherals I brought to work over the last few months to take home. Stuff taken included a pair of speakers, a compact flash card reader, a serving bowl (which I used to use to heat up lunches in the microwave) made of glass with lid. Turns out that plastic is not good in mircowaves as it gives off dioxins. So I do not use any type of plastic (in microwaves) microwave proof or not.

Leaving a job is always a sad thing at least in part. Even if you hated aspects of the job there are always those people you leave behind that you miss. The friendly goofball, the workaholic, the "teacher", the "student", the attractive female.

Once home I started creating a list of things I have to do tomorrow. Job positions I'm going to apply to, mail I have to send (I still have a rebate thingy I have to send for my printer), places I have to go to. One of these places is the dental specialist. I have to get a wisdom tooth out (my lower left one). About three weeks ago I had shooting pain that lasted about three days. I'm not sure if my jaw just got used to it or if it went away. But anyhow I guess I'll find that out tomorrow. One of the things that kind of got to me was that the dentist told me to bring someone. I thought "Hey yeah, maybe they could take pictures of the whole thing.", then realized I'd be drugged up and they probably don't want me to be lounging around their front door step, gobbing all over myself, with my face stuffed with cotton. Oooh yes that's a pretty sight.

Today also marks the first day I'm using a bloggerbot to upload images. My first test image is me. It was taken around 2:30 with my Nikon 990 and an external SB-800 flash. It took me a while to get a shot that was in focus. I have found my camera doesn't like to focus on faces when you're less than a meter away. Someone told me that it's because the camera needs vertical lines to focus on. This seems to hold true. So I had to go into manual focus. Incidently my arm length is roughly 60 cm when holding the camera toward my face. Why Nikon stopped production on swival cameras I'll never know. Unless you have an SLR, a swival camera is the greatest thing since the Amiga (made defunct in 1993).

I tried going to sleep at midnight but woke up needing a glass of water. I'll have to buy a humidifier one of these days. Yikes it's after 3:30. Well got to go hit the hay. Tomorrow is a big day.

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uncaringbear said...

Hey, do you actually own a Nikon SB800 flash? Geez, using one of those with the 990 is like putting Pirelli tires on a Ford Escort. If you know somewhere that sells SB800s cheap, let me know!
If you like swivel cameras, you'd like Sony F828 digicam. I've noticed with SLR cameras, it's a lot harder to take candid people shots or difficult angle shots.