Monday, January 03, 2005

Day 2

Another quiet day. It's sunday the day after the "beginning" or Day 1 of 2005. I managed to wake up before 3 pm today. A really nasty habit I've gotten into. The sleeping in thing that is. I didn't really have much to do today so I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment and rolling loose change.

Over the past year and a bit I've dumping whatever pocket change I've had into a rubbermaid plastic tub located in the corner of my room. Since I didn't get any christmas gifts for me this year I thought I'd count the change and see how close I could get to getting a nikon d70. To my surprise I only require another 1,200 dollars plus tax, which in this city is another 15%.

Other things to keep me busy was laundry, moving Lego out of the living room, and drilling hole into a white translusent plastic bowl by hand (as I don't own a drill but have a tool and dye set). The drilling took about 45 minutes. The bowl, which I bought at a dollar store near my apartment, was made of soft plastic. The drill pit however was about as dull as a butter knife. It really does pay to buy good hardware when you can. The right tool for the right job and all that.

If you're reading this you're probably wondering what the hole in the bowl is for. Well maybe you're not. The hole in the bottom of the bowl is so I can shoot tiny items with my camera using diffused lighting. The bowl is placed upside down over the object and the camera lens goes through the hole. By adding a light or in this case a flash at the side of the bowl the inside becomes rather evenly lit. It's just another crazy experiment I wanted to try after seeing that they actually make "bowls" for photography only they're a few hundred dollars. Since I'm only doing this as an experiment I figured $1.15 wouldn't be too bad to invest.

I ended up seeing "the Incredibles" again with my friend Marc, who I still can't believe has not seen that movie until today. Must be an age thing. Getting older and don't care if you see a movie on opening night anymore. Or maybe we just have too much in our lives these days and seeing a movie is just time out of "the schedule"?

Gads it's past 2am. I'm going to force myself into going to sleep "earlier" tonight.

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