Friday, January 07, 2005

Some of my favorite Blogs

Perhaps I have a lot of free time on my hands or maybe I'm just curious as to how other people think. Maybe a bit of both. That said after getting home from the Job Bank (more on that in some other entry) I decided to log in and check out some of my favorite Blogs.

daily brain goo - This site is great. It's insightful and charming and it's got a great link to how to train your cat how to use the toilet. I would like to get a cat solely for this purpose (as a test subject) to see if this really works. Unfortunetly, I'm allergic to cats so I did the next best thing and emailed all my cat friends to see if any of them pick up the ball. No one has replied as of yet (It's been a couple of days). From UFOs to banning US goods, there's a whole lot of good stuff to read and be amazed!

This blog is funny and sad at the same time. Follow the (mis)adventures of a female bartender, laugh, cry, and laugh some more. The situations are sometimes horrific and unsettling but you can't help but read what happens next. You might even tip better and appreciate your local bartender a bit more.


uncaringbear said...

I remember going to that employment office on Danforth and Pape. Yeh, it wasn't the most cheerful place in the neighbourhood.
Re: Toilet-training cats
I think the word 'training' and 'cats' are polar opposites. You don't train cats - they train you. If you do manage to get your cat to use the toilet, they're probably only doing it because they have an evil ulterior motive.

Olivia Meiring said...

Cats are fully trainable. Small, Medium and Large are trained - I can get them to do tricks for the simple reward "Clever kitty!!!" or "Good girl!!". They love to be admired, and respect you hugely when you dont give in to all their demands. All treats and requests are given out solely at my discretion and in my time.

Have you heard about the mad russian man who has created a cat circus from unwanted and stray cats? They absolutely adore him and trust him completely. The stunts are incredible. Its amazing to watch. A lot of people cant believe its real, because they dont know the secret of how to speak 'cat'. Cats seek approval just as much as dogs do, except they're just more picky about who it comes from.

BTW, thanks for plugging my site!