Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Eye of the Needle

There are stories about passing through the eye of the needle. I think one of the stories had something to do with a camel trying to get to the other side of some doorway. The camel could only go through by itself. It could not carry any baggage and would have to dump everything to proceed through. People carry around a lot of baggage and things as well and perhaps in order to advance we have to let things go.

This sounds like pretty heavy dialogue from a guy who just took a picture of a needle with a lego guy in the background. To be honest I just wanted to take a picture with my macro lens and post it. I can understand now why Nikon makes a speed light that's a small ring around the lens for the 990. This needle was taken at 2cm away from the lens. I couldn't get the flashes in close enough to put the highlights at a 45 degree angle so the needle had to be lit from the side. The Darryl Lego guy was put in the background to show the shallowdepth of field. The needle is 1.1 mm in width. The hole being approx 0.6 mm.

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