Sunday, January 23, 2005

Leuty Lifeguard Station

Today was a balmy -11 degrees(celsius). I decided to go the the Leuty Lifeguard station down by the beach to take pictures of that plant with all the ice on it. (see previous post). I wanted to see the ice formation again and maybe take it from a different angle. When I got there the plant was covered in about 6 feet of ice. An ice bridge was made enclosing the small inlet. The picture above was taken looking towards the station about 10 feet from water level.

If you look closely between the first and second posts, there's a hole in the ice. This is where a kid fell though only minutes before this photo was taken. Luckily the Mom was there on the pier and grabbed the kid. The kid was soaked waist down.

About 2 minutes after this picture was taken, a couple started walking toward the pier. The guy was telling the girl that some kid just fell through the ice. As soon as he said that, the women fell through the ice. Luckily being so close to the pier she caught herself and only fell in to her knees.

I spent the next few minutes wandering around the station warning people that there was thin ice. Some tourists were walking around and I was trying to tell them to be careful. English was not native tongue. I don't think they understood me until the foot of one of the guys went through the ice. They were exteremely cautious after that and backed off up to the boardwalk very slowly. It was pretty funny seeing them test the ground under them knowing they were on sand by that point. I guess they thought the boardwalk was right next to the water.

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