Saturday, June 18, 2005

Food Finding Mission

Rob Pincombe - Hard Liquor and Porn film maker on the streets of Montreal

After checking into my B&B I decided to go get some food. I found a message on my door from Rob telling me where the hard liquor and porn party was, who was staying with who and where, and what numbers to call should I need more info. Very convenient.

I was hungry (was else is new) and as I'm not really familiar with Montreal I decided to head east only because a) it was downhill from my B&B and b) that was the direction the map said the party was taking place. No more than five minutes later and I actually ran into Rob. He had just gotten food and was taking it back to the B&B. There was a Fringe festival going on. St. Laurent was closed to traffic and had a bunch of venders selling their goods. This included cheap food.

Dom And Erin - two people I met on the train now enjoying the Fringe festival

Pai Tai for two dollars, chow mein for two dollars, mango on a stick. There was a lot of food to choose from all at pretty reasonable prices. While trying to figure out what food to buy I bumped into Dom and Erin two people I met on the train a few hours earlier. Dom had a sister acting in a play and travelled to Montreal to see her. As a side note, I find that people like Dom who visit family in a different city to support them is pretty incredible.

In the end I picked up a shwarma, some kind of meat in a pita and headed back to the hotel to prep for the party.

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