Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Last Night in North Bay

A nice sunset over Lake Nipissing.

After wrapping for the day part of the cast and crew headed off to Wawa for more shooting. The rest of us got to stay for one more night in North Bay. I found out there's a beach on Lake Nipissng just a stone's throw away from our hotel. The water is so shallow that you can walk out a few meters before your knees get wet. The water was pretty warm and the beach became a place for some of the crew to go swimming after a long shoot day.

After taking a few pictures of the sunset I decided to wade back to land and walk north along Lakeshore drive, the street that the Travelodge, my hotel, was located. By this point the sun had gone down and even if there was daylight I doubt there would have been anything really that interesting to see. A lot of spaced out hotels (I think I was walking the hotel strip of North Bay) all advertising free internet connections, some houses, trees. Kind of reminded me of walking around scarborough (a suburb of Toronto) at night. The streets are long and the intersections are few and far between. I passed by two Tim Horton Donut stores and got up north as far as a baseball field just past Judge ave where there's a resturant called the purple pig. That's when I noticed a jet perched on a cement mount.

The jet across from Lee Field, North Bay.

Since it's not something I would see everyday I thought I'd take a picture or two. The jet was down in a small valley of a park. As soon as I stepped off the pavement sidewalk onto the grass a wack load of bugs (some mosquitos) swarmed me. The little specks (and some of the big blobs) in the picture above and below are the tiny blood suckers flying around. They were everywhere. Some bouncing off me, some bouncing off my lens. I think I have four bites in the neck from that venture along with other bites in various other places. You can play connect the dots there's so many of them.

Welcome to Northbay and a load of blood sucking bugs.

What I do to get you readers these pictures. The jet and gateway are solely illuminated with my Nikon SB-800. Not bad for a single flash. Otherwise it was dark. You could see the silluotte of your hand in front of your face. The park was dimly lit from the baseball lights up across the street. After taking the pictures I ran out of the park slapping my arms and various parts of exposed skin trying to fend off any and all insects that flew into my personal space. I ran past a dog walker. I think he thought I was nuts.

After the swarm experience I decided it was time to walk back to the hotel. When I finally got back to my room I checked out my map (that I picked up at Macs Milk a few nights before) and calculated that I had walked 4km to the gateway and another 4km back. A long stretch of road to find a bunch of bugs and a few iced cappacinos. Not very rewarding. I did find out from a person waiting for the bus that the cost was $2.00.

I think being lost in Montreal was better.
A) there was daylight,
B) there was a dollar store where I picked up some postcards,
C) there was a bus to get me back.


Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of when you went to North Bay many years ago and you were irresistaby drawn to the Subway sandwich shops. Don't know why I'd remember that particularly, except that you could find a Subway eight blocks away with your eyes shut in a city you'd never been to before. I don't remember much else. Something about a curly blonde wig?

BagelHot said...

Yikes (was that north bay?)

Actually it's funny you should mention Subway sandwich shops. I did pass one on the walk up north. I even thought about getting a cold cut trio. In the end I went to Tim Horton's.

Anonymous said...

Lake Nipissing?... My parents had friends who owned a bunch of cottages on that lake.

Small world...