Monday, June 20, 2005

Montreal Women

Francesca (right) and friend (left) pose for the camera

Something immediately noticed when in Montreal, especially on a warm summer day, is that there are a lot more women dressed in dresses, skirts, and stylish clothing than the women of Toronto. They also seem friendlier. I'll have to do more research on this and get back to you.

Case and point. During my last hour before my train left. I started talking to a photographer named Mai. She was selling her black and white and colourized photos on the street. I eventually bought a magnetic version of one of her photos to put on my fridge. I wanted to take a picture of her next to her display so I'd remember what she looked like. I wanted to blur out the background so to do this opted for using my 70mm to 300mm lens.

In order to frame her and the display I had to walk half way across the street and shoot through a crowd of people walking by. That's when I met Francesca. She walked by my line of sight (as a blur) and said "shoot me". In the middle of a walking crowd of people she stopped and posed while her friend stood off to the side smiling with amusement. I ran out of memory at that moment. So I lost the moment (and pulling the hair out of my head). Each compact flash card I use lets me take 150 or so images. What were the odds I would run out of pictures at a time like this? What are the odds that something like this would happen in the first place?

As they walked away I changed compact flash cards in my camera then ran after them with my lugguage trailing behind. Eventually I caught up to them and asked if they really did want their picture taken. Turns out they did.

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Thanks for posting this photo and making the web a more beautiful place!