Friday, December 23, 2005

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake at the restaurant "Ten feet tall"

As the Christmas craziness starts to escalate (people doing last minute gift shopping, food shopping, home decorating, baking, getting ready for visits or visitors, putting up the last minutes christmas lights) with Christmas in just a few days I almost feel like I'm living in a surreal plane of existance with my wonky sleep schedule. The highlight of my day was to wake up at 16:30 and go for breakfast/dinner at a resturant up on the danforth called "Ten feet tall". Actually the going for dinner wasn't planned. I was hungry, Kiri was home early, she lives near the restaurant. It's funny how things just work themselves out.

I ordered a triangular burger, they do not give you a burger shape choice, and fries made of yam. To round off the meal I ordered a slice of carrot cake. The burger and fries were good but the cake was a bit rich for my liking. Why is it that carrot cake icing is always super sweet?

After dinner I seem to recall watching the Exorcist. A movie which I had never seen until now. Just one of those movies that fell through the cracks I guess. After the Exorcist I watched the Scrooge movie with Alastair Sim. Nice,

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