Thursday, December 08, 2005

Old Locations

A really old washroom in the haunted house

One of the perks, if you will, of being part of a crew that shoots TV or movies on location is just that. You get to see places that you may not have been able to get access to otherwise. On the second day of my job at the haunted zoo house I noticed this old washroom, one of many, in the house. It was pretty large considering there was only a sink and a toilet.

Something about it interested me. Maybe it was the tiles that went right up to the ceiling. Maybe it was the dim lighting. What's with all the dim lighting in a house that's supposed to be haunted anyway? I suppose in the end it was the fact that the objects were old but were well preserved. It was almost like it was built a few years ago as opposed to a few decades.

The camera guy figured that the house was built before 1949. In the main room there were shields of nine provinces etched into the wall. The ones missing were Newfoundland and the Territories. He noted that newfoundland didn't join Canada until 1949 which led him to the conclusion of the building of the house.

A stained glass window in the main room.

There were stain glass windows in the main room. When was the last time that was a popular thing to do?

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some more pictures of this house. It sounds really full of atmosphere. the green house certainly looks pretty at night. Any nice nightshots of the house itself? Any long dark hallways, or grand entrances with sweeping staircases would definitely give it that haunted mansion feel. :D