Thursday, December 01, 2005

Playboy Fashion Unleashed... uh sure

The Playboy Fashion Unleashed event at the Brant House

With a huge name like playboy you would think this event would have to be good. In reality it wasn't really that good at all. The fashion show started about an hour, maybe an hour and a bit late. Originally supposed to start at 11pm the first girl to walk the runway didn't do so until nine minutes after midnight. The show ran for about 25 minutes in total. It could have been longer if the girls weren't rushing up and down the runway so quickly. Some didn't even stop to pose.

The other downside to this fashion event was that the runway had people standing on all four sides making it impossible to shoot the model against a clean background void of people. Instead you might get a shot with a model and some guy in the background with a camera, people drinking, etc. It's obvious that the organizers weren't thinking about the press.

Did I say press? I guess I did. I managed to get a media pass. Long story.

The venue was huge in terms of floor space and every inch of it was packed. As it approched midnight it started to become uncomfortable. People started to inch towards the stage filling in any gaps that you might have had around you. One reporter I met disappered. Later on I found out she gave up and went home just before the show started.

The playboy bunny suit

The hilight of the evening, for me at least, was to see playboy model Cara Wakelin wearing the 70s style bunny suit complete with cotton tail. I suppose seeing a playboy model is always a treat but the bunny suit. Well what can I say? Some things just don't go out of style.


Anonymous said...

There's something about seeing peoples armpits that depresses me.

And I agree, in an Emo Philips kind or way, though, that all women (and men, too) ought to have a Bunny outfit.

Anonymous said...

The tightness of the Bunny costume is amazing - tough to wear but easy (very) to look at! I read somewhere that the Bunnies who worked in the Playboy clubs suffered back pain and sore feet on a regular basis.