Friday, December 16, 2005

Santa gets the heave Ho ho ho

Tijuana Bibles drummer, Super Destroyer, tells Santa to beat it.

Supported by a bunch of cheering fans Santa left the stage to allow the Bibles to play one more tune. Friday night at the Bovine sex club we got to see a number of bands. One of them being the Tijuana Bibles. The hilight being the main singer, "The Crippler", flipping over a mini fence, landing on his back, denting his microphone, all the while still performing. Is that dedication or what?

The Crippler in mid flip.

Amanda shows us the Tijuana Bibles colorful mini ad.

Tijuana Bibles at the Bovine Sex Club


Jenn said...

ah, the Bovine. I have not been there in MUCH too long.

Anonymous said...

Is that guy a relative of Strong Bad?