Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trouble at Old Mills

Jane Station with a loaded platform of westbound passengers

On my way to a networking meeting from painting a basement I walked into a subway station just after a guy on the annoucement system said something happened in the station just west of us. As a result the train going west stopped at our station (Jane) and proceeded to go the other way (eastbound). I didn't really clue in until two trains dumped their passengers and headed in the direction I wanted to go.

I climbed the stairs and made my way through an onslaught of a crowd going in the opposite direction. It took about ten minutes to get to the other side. Something that should have taken under a minute I'd imagine. I waited on the westbound platform for about fifteen minutes. Five minutes for a train and another ten for said train to open it's doors to let passengers out and on.

Stuck on the train with minimal power

Once on the train the doors closed. I thought we were on out way. That's when all the lights went off. We sat in the dark for a few minutes before the secondary lights came on. It was during this time that I found out that a person has jumped at Old Mills on to the track, the track had been powered down. I'm not sure why a person was on the tracks or how old the person was, or even the sex. It's interesting the questions that come up to pass the time in a dark subway car.

The girl in front of me, Racheal (the one in the blue) had gotten off the train that had stopped at Old Mills and had walked down to Jane station to see is she could catch a train leaving. It was from her and the guy across the aisle that I started puzzling the events at old mill station together. We sat in the subway for about fifteen more minutes before we got moving. We weren't sure if we we going to go eastbound like the two trains before or if old mill would have been organized to let the train go west.

The Jane TTC station was pretty unorganized. The guy upstairs selling tickets told everyone going eastbound to get on the eastbound platform. It was to those people I waved as our westboand platform train headed east.

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