Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Lights at Dundas Square

Dundas Square around 1am

Thanks to the Dresden files, the show with the haunted house, my sleep schedule has been pretty wonky these last few weeks. After the outing with the tubby squirrels I got home and fell asleep with resulted in waking up at 7pm. By the time my brain didn't feel like mush it was about midnight. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep I decided to go out and shoot some stuff with the tripod.

My first destination was the infamous Dundas Square. Known for it's ugliness among most Torontoians it had a lackluster start as security guards would come up to you and tell you that you couldn't take pictures as it was not considered a public space. I'm not really sure how the city managed to approve something like this. Sorry actually I do. It was probably a cash grab of some kind. It boggles the mind.

After a few protests and scathing write ups in various newspapers the powers that be changed their mind about the whole photography thing. That or the security guards didn't think it worth harrasing tourists and photographers anymore.

Dundas Square is one of the most uninviting pieces of concrete in Toronto that is designed, I use the term designed very loosely here, to have people. With the christmas tree, menorah, and string of lights and exploding christmas spheres it's not as bad.

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Merry Holidays, Mr. Bagelhot!