Friday, December 09, 2005

Crew Parking

Frank waits for Greg to get his boots on in the crew parking lot.

Not having a car can be inconvenient sometimes. In order for me to get to set out near the zoo which is located east of my house. I had to take a hour and a half trip west by bus, subway, bus, and a bit of a hike to get to the production office. From the production office there was a complimentary shuttle bus going back east to the set location. The shuttle took about an hour. On top of the two and a half hours there's also the half hour waiting around at the prodcution office. I got there early just so I din't miss the shuttle. Total travelling time three hours.

When you think about it that's a long time considering that you'll be on set for about 13 and it takes another hour or so to get back. That leaves you with seven hours at home to go to sleep, sleep and wake up. The second day I was exhausted.

The first night I almost got stranded on location. The only reason I got home is that one of the transport vans was still loading stuff to take back to the production office. Thankfully the driver felt sorry for me, just enough anyway, to drive me home. After doing the bus, train, bus, hike, shuttle thing to get to work for day two I found out that the sound boom guy, Greg, had a car pool going. What's more he lives just a few minutes away from me at Pape and Eastern. I managed to bum a ride home with him and the other two car poolers Frank and Brooke who were two of the stand-ins for the show.

The third day, today, went a lot easier. I slept in until 2pm, hopped into the car at the specified intersection at 3:20pm, met up with Frank and Brooke at the predesignated Tim Hortons/Esso gas station and still made it to the crew parking lot with 15 minutes to spare.

It snowed all last night. The plan was to leave at 3pm if there was snow still coming out of the sky. If not 3:20. Even though there was no percipitaion the ground was pretty slushy. We parked on top of the hill just in case the car couldn't make it up the narrow road.

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Anonymous said...

You should take up knitting, so you have something to do on long transits. Or read books you've always meant to... I make sock monkeys on long vehicular journeys, regardless of vehicle, (unless I'm actually doing the driving...) and I always feel productive and satisfied when I get somewhere. If you'd like to learn to make a sock monkey, I'm teaching a workshop....